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Ochi Kaori
General corporate judicial person blue bird
Kaori Ochi

Let's create the future


Top message

What we put up in our philosophy

By talking in detail

I would like to say hello.

"With the power of design

Can you do something? "

Ask this question all at once in South Osaka

I started to explore.

Imagine an exciting future

The power of design

If you keep trying to make it happen

Nice to meet you

With many friends

I was able to meet.

By connecting people and information

Be a part of regional revitalization

I experienced that the design makes me smile.

Support from friends

With the help of local people

Become my driving force

It is the source of design.

And have the courage

Don't be afraid to fail

Continue to challenge without giving up

For the establishment of a general incorporated association, Aoitori

I arrived.

Family / friends

And to the local people

With gratitude


Circulate 4 C

With the power of design

Shape your creativity

A lot of smiles overflow

We will continue to challenge for the future.

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