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"The power to realize dreams"

Sennan City Cultural Association Chairman Former Sennan City Superintendent of Education Kunimitsu Kajimoto

Mr. Sachiyo continues to challenge towards his dreams. Since I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, she has been a naive yet solid and strong leader. I was a teacher after graduating from university, but one day I was surprised to hear that he said, "I'm going to Paraguay as a Japanese teacher." Even in his place, he seems to have taken on the challenge of making his dream come true. Shortly after returning to Japan, when I heard a harp performance at the Sennan City Cultural Hall, I remember giving advice, saying, "Continue." After that, this instrument became a tool to express her feelings and is still active today.
When I was the superintendent of education, I requested a lecture at the "Superintendent of Education Research Conference" in all municipalities in Osaka Prefecture. The message to "love, life, and peace" expressed by harp performance and narrative was a very impressive lecture that touched the hearts of the participants, condensing her way of life.
She has already given hundreds of harp lectures. Her lecture is lit by light. The tone of the harp became the light that illuminates one corner, and the flower of love has bloomed in the hearts of listeners. We will continue to make people all over the country smile. For her
He seems to be thinking about something grand, "I'll make the earth smile."
I want you to continue to be a leader who pursues dreams and realizes them.

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