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"Lecture played with words and sounds"

General corporate judicial person blue bird
Representative Kaori Ochi

What I feel through various community activities is that in modern society, the number of people who have strong anxieties, worries, and stress in their work and life is increasing. And there are also leave and turnover due to mental illness.
Everyone will demonstrate their abilities and play an active role in their work and workplace. In order to lead a fulfilling life in your own way, it is important and an issue to work on mental health management [mental health management].
In 2010, I had the opportunity to listen to Professor Uenoyama's lecture.
The teacher's life in developing countries and the experience of a Japanese teacher. In addition, experience and achievements in the counseling room using Alpa as a school psychologist after returning to Japan. In addition, I was very impressed with the lecture on the theme of "peace, human rights, education, and international understanding" obtained from activities in a wide variety of fields, along with the sounds of Alpa that are easy for listeners to understand. ..
Diversification, heart health management of the teacher of the lecture in the modern sought, I realized that it is necessary now to one end of the problem solving of a lot of people. Due to the multi-talented experience of the teacher, while he was consulted with the teaching profession again, he sympathized with the idea of the blue bird, agreed to be the contact point for the lecture, and continued the lecture activity all over the country. I am.
We thank you for your cooperation and will continue our activities so that the tone will continue into the future.

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