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"To Professor Yukio Uenoyama"

Former Principal of Iguazu Japanese Language School

Awarded by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Kazuko Tsutsumi

The teacher wasn't the one who talked a lot, but I was able to know the greatness of the teacher's leadership immediately after I was assigned.

That was when the teacher was away from school due to JICA's errands. Instead of asking other teachers for lessons, I let the naughty sixth grade students do three hours of self-study. When I went to take a peek, more than 20 children were seriously tackling the task without talking wastefully. In just three months with the teacher as the homeroom teacher, the children had changed and grew brilliantly. Perhaps, with careful class preparation, the relationship between the teacher who tried to trust the children and the children who tried to respond to it was firmly established.
In addition, the sincere attitude of Professor Uenoyama was the catalyst for deciding my path. The consistent attitude of listening carefully to people's stories and thinking carefully, and the result of "blooming" always appeared.
I am glad that the teacher will continue to convey important things while playing the alpa that I met here. I think that a well-prepared and sincere lecture will support many people and give them a wonderful opportunity. Please play an active part.

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