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General Incorporated Association Blue Bird
Regarding "international understanding, human rights education, and peace education," lecture activities and art that incorporate handpan and alpa performances will be used as methods.
We are engaged in cultural activities. In addition, in community activities, we participate in efforts to revitalize the community and enrich our hearts.

Information on the latest concerts and lectures

Promotion of international social welfare and cultural exchange projects, activities aimed at creating culture sponsored by the social welfare corporation Momoka Juku

We will perform at a historic concert that will be a part of it. Let's spread "a wish for peace-based symbiosis" through music

We will play with all our heart.

Date: November 22, 2019 (Friday) 18: 00-

Venue: Subaru Hall, Tondabayashi City "Kokoro to Kokoro no Fureai Concert" Let's deliver to space ~ Gift of sound ~

Cast: Yukio Uenoyama (Alpa player)

Hanane (handpan player: blue bird)

Regional revitalization activities

Kaizuka Machinaka Art Museum

"Kaizuka Machinaka Art Museum" is an event with the theme of contemporary art held in Kaizuka City, Osaka Prefecture.

The exhibition venue was the guesthouse of Mizumadera Temple, which was built in the Nara period, and old folk houses in the Mizuma area, and the works were invited and judged by artists from all over the country.

"Kaizuka Machinaka Art Museum" has a big feature that other art events do not have. That is, this project was planned as a social education project by a public hall, not just an art event. The public hall provided citizens with lectures on themes such as "contemporary art," "design," and "regional revitalization using art," with the assistance of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Then, an executive committee was organized by the participants of these courses, and the "Kaizuka Machinaka Art Museum" was operated and implemented. The executive committee was involved in a variety of tasks, from event management to fundraising activities to logo design.

Through this activity, each of us thinks about what art is. I believe it was an opportunity to do what I can to improve my place of residence.

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